Getting Comfortable in the Gym

Often times, it can be difficult to find motivation for getting to the gym, particularly the further into the year we get! Our lives get busy, and our priorities shift. 


Or maybe you find yourself avoiding the gym altogether because of the intimidation of the environment. You may have doubts about others watching, fear of how to use certain machines, or simply the uncertainty of where to even begin. The gym can seem to be a daunting place!  


When I first started my fitness journey, I gave many different types of exercise a try – from yoga to kickboxing to cycling. It was important for me to discover a form of exercise that I truly enjoyed and pushed me to get out of my comfort zone. What I found along the way is that with time and perseverance, it is possible to find a workout that works for you! 


Here are a few of my personal tips and tricks for getting comfortable in the gym and incorporating exercise into your lifestyle. 


  1. Connect with a staff member for instruction. 


One of the biggest factors of feeling intimidated at the gym is the fear of judgment. However, many gym members and employees are incredibly friendly and helpful! Reach out to the staff for instruction on how to safely use equipment and machines. 


2. Buy new workout gear. 


There’s no better place to start your fitness journey than by being adequately prepared with brand new athletic gear! Below are a few of my favorite items that give me motivation and confidence to get moving! 


(Leggings) Lululemon leggings are my FAVE!


(Water Bottle) I love my branded coozies so I can “grab & go” when in a rush early mornings. Send me a quick message if you would like me to send you one, or you want to drop by my office for one!  


(Tennis Shoes) My favorites are ___ for running, ___ for cross training, and ____ for jump roping/double under training is.


(Headband / Scrunchie) 


Who doesn’t love a great excuse for a shopping spree? Equip yourself with some of these favorites, and you’ll be ready for the gym! 


3. Bring a Friend. 


NOTHING beats having an accountability partner on your fitness journey! Bring a friend with you to that workout class. You’ll find you can encourage each other, help maintain motivation to continue going back each week, and discover a new way to bond! Nothing passes the time quite like chatting with a friend while jogging on a treadmill or doing partner work. Mundane exercises instantly become more exciting, and going to the gym each week shifts from a nagging “to-do” list item to something you GET to do and look forward to. 


4. Research Go-To Workouts Online. 


When you first step into a gym, the rows of machines, dumbbells, and other workout gear can be intimidating. Consider researching simple, effective workouts on YouTube or Instagram for inspiration. 


5. Build a playlist. 


Grab your headphones and build a playlist filled with music that really motivates you! Listening to a great song is the perfect way to tune out the world and zone in on your exercise. 


The gym can be an incredibly fun and stress-relieving place. Consider these tips to alleviate any anxiety or hesitation you may be experiencing. Daily exercise is so important for our general health and well-being! 


If you incorporate any of these tips into your personal fitness journey, make sure to comment below and let me know how your trip to the gym goes! 


Breathe, take it slow, and know that everyone in the gym is working toward their own personal fitness, health, and wellness goals too. We’re all in this together! 

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